I'm Annija!


I am a graphic designer, an illustrator and an artist. I live in the Riga, the capital of Latvia. As I like nature and important hobby for me is a permaculture, I often go to the countryside and work there my creative works. The first picture show my classmates who once made this cool surprise on my name day and the second picture shows me sitting in the three-dimensional letters "Mark Rothko". He was born in Daugavpils and the originals of his works can also be seen there.

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The first picture shows the Riga from a bird's eye view. The rest of the pictures show my hobbies, traveling, nature and permaculture. But I also have other hobbies, dancing, attending cultural events and enjoying life in general.

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These pictures show my family's country house, where I like to stay and my current creative project -a book design for a poetry book. In this situation when a social life in the city has practically stopped, I really like to stay in the countryside, where I have space and freedom :)