Connecting Cities


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Like a city, this logo is sustained by a grid, in this case a triangular pixel network.

The Connecting Cities umbrella logo is multicolored and consists of three shades of colors: pink, blue and yellow. The mentioned colors are specific to each secondary logo (sub-logo).

The three sub-logos arise from the umbrella logo, each of them having its own color and initials:

1. NC - Networked City 2013       (pink color)

2. PC - Participatory City 2014   (blue color)

3. VC - Visible City 2015                (yellow color)

The shape and size of all the 4 logos (1 umbrella logo + 3 sub-logos) are identical, relying entirely on the same network of triangular pixels (triangular grid). The difference between them is made by the individual shade of color and the letter symbol that is formed by triangular pixels.

The pixels are meant to create a 3D cubic effect and geometrical images, which on the media facades will compose interesting shapes and optical illusions. These colorful pieces have the versatility to construct and deconstruct infinite forms, giving the impression of a light and shadow interaction.

The meaning of the four logos is not too obvious, leaving a little room for interpretation through the geometrical game of the pixels.

The 4th slide contains a video animation that shows how easily the logo metamorphoses.

The video starts by pressing a triangular pixel which represents the 'play button' and it ends with the slogan: 'Let's play'. The message has a positive connotation.  It's actually an invitation to join and take part of this cultural project. 'Let's play' means also: 'Let's connect', 'Let's interact', 'Let's have fun', 'Let's get started', 'Let's get involved', Let's start something', or just simply 'Push the play button' and let's see the Media Facades Festival.

'Let's play'!



Soundtrack:  'Play On' by  Kelsey James

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