Media facade
Media facade : Two versions of sub logos


The logo is based on mechanical media facade which is also representative of architecture and cities

The design is meant to represent in an abstract way the 
a) media facades that will be used by relating it to the mechanical media surface
b)  the architecture of the buildings which will be used in the shapes created by the blocks and the fact that the media facade is part of the buildings used 
c)  the the cities as maps and roads, 
d) digital shape 
e) Multiple colors to indicate art aspect as shown in the videos provided in brief...
f) the logo can be represented in animations as fragmented pieces connecting or coming toegther
g) Possible to create many sub logos from the main one .. if the events continue beyond 2015 and to different parts of the globe 
h) the logos show, digital culture,  openess and the interface between both the digital and the physical through its symbolism and layering of meaning

In the more abstract version of sub logos.. 
the V is reiterated in the smaller units as well as the main shape.  
the P is seen as two tall P participating and as a dialogue. 
the N is seen as small n shapes networking with each other. 

Any of the multiple  colors other than grey can be used in the font instead of grey .. grey font verison is just one example. multiple variations are possible.. 

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