C-U digital LOGO- Option 2.
Quick Communications facilities make a Country Highly Developed.


Day by day, Population is increasing more and more in this world. And our surface area of the Earths is reducing both in Urban & Cities.

To make quick communications between City & Urban will be highly cost and Times by build newly roads, flyovers, bridge or underground roads.

So, we can enjoy the high life by using the digital computerizing facilities by mutual communications between City & Urban to all over the World.

We can use digital opportunities to reducing times, money and distance.

As an example: We can exchange Cultures, Arts, educations, and business by mutual of City & Urban.

This is the basic facilities very kind full from almighty �ALLAH� (Creator) for us to maintain balance related with the increasing Population in this World.

Here is attached designed Logo, in conception of mutual communications between Urban & City with the help of video wide screen & audio to enjoy the City life from Urban areas.

Similarly, can enjoy from City to Urban area.

Showing details views in 1 & 2 partly sketch to prepare the Main

Sky Blue Color is mentioning City Zone and Red Color is mentioning Urban Zone. To use digital Screen to receive all Video & Audio from City and similarly from Urban Zone.                      The name of the conception is �C-U digital LOGO.�

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