The Coworking Challenge

Create the Coworking Environment of the Future!

€10,000prize pool

Create the Coworking Environment of the Future!


betahaus wishes to develop the workspace of the future together with DREISECHSNULL – Telekom’s magazine for business clients -, and the jovoto community. The way in which we work has hugely changed over the past few years. Added value is no longer generated in classic offices. It is meanwhile being created at different places, at different times, in changing team constellations. This new way of working constantly requires new workspaces, both real and virtual. Open-plan digitally networked and collaborative workplaces that are flexible and serve as an incubation platform for networking, innovation and production are required. These new ways of coworking need a new environment!

betahaus is the first example of how the future of workspaces could look. Since 2008 betahaus has been working on creating workspaces for new needs and processes. The core element consists of flexible co-working spaces, which take into account concepts for cooperative, activity-oriented and attractive work environments, a vibrant corporate culture and a strong community.

The project partners

betahaus has gained extensive practical experience in the organization and supervision of co-working communities. In order to create the architecture, furnishings and IT infrastructure that correspond to the co-working principle, betahaus approached DREISECHSNULL/die Telekom:

DREISECHSNULL (THREE SIX ZERO) – Telekom’s magazine for business clients
DREISECHSNULL provides inspiration and advice for small to medium-sized companies. Written in a journalistic style, it shows the potential of trends and innovations for medium-sized companies and offers pragmatic tips and inspiring ideas to help the readers make their own businesses secure for the future and their everyday work more efficient. As a tool for small to medium-sized companies, DREISECHSNULL will report on this contest both online and in its quarterly print magazine.


The result of this project should be feasible concepts for co-working environments, which can be used both in companies as well as in co-working spaces all over the world.

Task Definition

Develop the coworking environment of the future!

Your workspace concept can include the following subject areas:

  • Focus on space
    What does space mean, where can it be found and how can it be used/transformed in the future?
  • Focus on elements
    Which elements (products/services/modules) should the working space of the future have? Which possibilities and benefits do these elements open up?
  • Focus on media
    Which media/IT technologies support your co-working idea? What kind of information/knowledge transfer does it enable and how?
  • Focus on people
    How will people from different disciplines, cultures, genders and generations work together in the future? How will the requirements of the most diverse of groups be met by your concept?
  • Focus on time
    Does your concept promote co-working that is irrespective of time and place? How does it combine working time and leisure time?
  • Focus on flexibility
    How dynamic and convertible is your working environment? How can it be, for example, adapted to a new situation, team structure or team size? And how does it combine a private area with a work area?
  • Focus on networking
    How does your concept connect the individuals? Does it promote the creation of wide-ranging new and personal networks? Does it network full-time employees with freelance staff?

Target Group

You are the target group – think about what you need for your perfect working environment and design your future workspace!


The type of lifestyle and working atmosphere your working environment conveys is entirely down to you and your idea.

Mandatory requirements

IMPORTANT: The professional jury members will not have the time to read through dozens of charts in order to be able to understand your idea. Therefore, please ensure that you SUMMARIZE your idea in just ONE CHART. As well as this, you can of course also submit additional charts to explain your idea in more detail.

Useful links:

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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This is an interesting project! Kind of optimizing my own working context. ;o) A question: How am I to understand "The result of this project should be feasible concepts"? Has the concept to include concrete technical resources? Cause in terms of virtual workspaces I might have some conceptual ideas but not the knowledge of how to implement them technically. Know what I mean?

Dear Janne,

"feasible concepts" here means not too visionary in sense of futuristic or expansive. The client would really like to find ideas that he can put into practise.

The task is very open. You can put your focus on any of the mentioned criteria. It can be a small idea or even gadget, that is very useful and smart to use in the coworking environment, it can be "the betahaus coworking furniture" or an architectural concept.

Did this help you? Best, yours Jesko

Ah, okay. Staying down-to-earth I will. ;o) Thx for your helpful answer!

ps.: After doing research and inspiration for you, i realised myself looking around my own work environment and how i would like to improve it. = )

Perfect! Thrilled to see what you are thinking of!

Dear All!

The contest is open now and i am thrilled what you come up with!

If you have any question – ask me. I´ll get back to you as soon as i can.

I prepared a long list of inspiration, insights and research for you, to post it here in the briefing or in the blog. – But I am going to wait a couple of days to give you full freedom and not to influence your own thinking, inspiration and direction too much.

Yours, Jesko

Thanks Jesko.. I remember asking Jess if we could have a page for adding research and inspiration some time back.. Looking forward to ur inspiration links... Can we contribute too ?.. Should we send the link to u to avoid overlap.. ?

Wow, perfect, szach!

A special area for inpirational links to share with everybody would be great! I´ll put this on our developement discussion list!

For now, please paste them in the comments here. Maybe 1 sentence or topic what it is about, and the link, ok?

Great to have you here. Yours Jesko

It must be a design space for the organization of work? or design furniture?

Dear Elina,

you do not have design a whole space, you are free to concentrate on a certain aspect of coworking. If you feel like designing your BETAHAUS COWORKING FURNITURE - perfect!

Did this answer your question? Best, Yours Jesko

Yes! Thank you very much Jesko!!! This is an interesting task!!! :)

Yes! Thank you very much Jesko! This is an interesting task ;)

Great! Thrilled what you have in mind! = )

I am in as well! thanks for the info

Hey Jesko is the project guide! Hey there :) this should be fun. You always have very insightful comments and a great!

Hey Anna!

Thanks a lot! I´ll try to do my best. = )

Yours Jesko

For JeskoStoetzer , its mean i will create design space or room for Co-Working? its mean interior or exterior like architecture?

Dear guzangga,

Thanks for asking!

No, its defenetly not about "exterior design" or creating a building.

You can, if you like, think of and create interior design. It can be a whole space, but even more you can focus on any certain aspects that is mentioned in the briefing. It can be like coworking furniture, as well as a lamp with integrated headphones, or a technical solution for communication and connecting creatives in the coworking space.

Does this answer your question? Best, Yours Jesko

yeah, i see.! Understand Now. Thanks Jesko you're answer very useful.

WOW Jesko!! nice to see you in this position and to have you here!! :D it will be fun!

Thanks addito!

I´ll try to do my best. = ) Thrilled to see what you have in mind!

Yours, Jesko


I am very happy with this good start of the project! Thanks everyone for this first day!

• I like the positive and helpful communication you guys are having here!

• Please keep in mind that betahaus would love to see FEASIBLE ideas. They are really enthusiastic to see smart ideas that they can implement, realise and license from you.

• Please do very clear and to the point COVER IMAGE SLIDES, that explain your idea. It will make it a lot easier for everybody to understand and comment your idea. Specially the JURY is asking for it.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me!

Yours Jesko

As Jesko suggested - I will title it - Research/ Inspiration Link: Results of global co working survey.. some general feedback on the needs of people..

Perfect! Thanks, szach!

On deskmag you can find a lot more interesting insights.

I´ll post my inspirational link-list next days.

Wow !!! Thank you very much Susan for useful information!!!! =)

Thanks for you inspiration, szach!

This one is really good - a plexiglass bubble desk for giving privacy.. :)

Awesome! Thanks a bunch, szach! That´s a perfect example and inspiration what we are looking for!

Thank you szach! These are really inspiring! Thanks a lot!

Really amazing insiprational links for easier start! Thanks! :D

thanks szach, really helpful:D

Dear All!

Please keep in mind to develop a FEASIBLE, TANGIBLE DESIGN of what you have in mind - NOT just an idea of it or a concept. The client is really up for realizing ideas and needs this for licensing.

Do you get what i mean?

Best, Yours Jesko

Research/Inspiration link : 20 high tech desks for inspiration

Jesko.. is there a budget constraint for the concepts.. can we go high tech or is it to be a budget friendly production?

Keep it grounded and realistic.

In the blog we say: "(…) the aim of this project is to find feasible and innovative interior design concepts as well as items and furniture for coworking spaces, which can be realized within large companies as well as in coworking spaces (…)"

You can use the licensing fee of €5000 as an orientation for your as well.

I want to ask, it could be industrial design (desk, closet, etc.), or to create some kind of environment? Thank you)

Dear G_Sasha,

Thanks for asking! I´d suggest to focus on industrial design, as it will be more feasible to realise. But both is possible.

(The aim of this project is to find feasible and innovative interior design concepts as well as items and furniture for coworking spaces.)

Does this answer your question?

Yours, Jesko

Thrilled what you come up with! A friendly "coworking-hello" to Ukraine! = )

Research/ inspiration link a compact work space to be used in public spaces.. good one..

Great! – Thanks a lot for all your inspiration links, szach! I really appreciate that!

Jesko.. . there is no need to thank me....or I would feel shy of posting links.. others have helped me too.. :)

Seems that this turned into a interior design project?... What about the co-workspace concept as a new way to accomplish innovative tasks?... Just asking cause that was what I understood at first sight when reading the briefing?... So, interior design project or co-work concepts too?... Someone?... :)

My impression as well... As far as I understood the brief, networking ideas are welcome, too. At least this is what I intend to propose. If my everyday work allows me to, that is... :O

Xavier.. I too had that doubt until I noticed - product design - as the title.. so I am guessing probably a product that they can use be it furniture ,a specialised area , or apps since telecom is also involved.. Briefings are ambiguous .. Have designed futuristic conceptual ideas before , only to realise, as sold ideas were bought , that the client was looking for something they can produce now.. I guess conceptual ideas are appreciated by the designers and jury and is good for trendforecasting.. Best person to answer this is Jesko..

Hope my posting interior design links wasn't adding to the confusion... I don't know anything abt apps so can't help there.. may be others can pool in with info for that..

Thank you @Janne and @szach!!! Let's see what's the guide's input for this... @szach your links are really great for inspirational reference... I think that the "co-workflow" concept should be more important here cause at the end is the way to accomplish innovative tasks... of course a great furniture design will improve the comfort during work time and increases efficiency... well, seems that a mix of both will fit perfect for this project... :)

Valid point abt the coworkflow. ..Xavier. Would be great to see more of that too.. :)

Dear Xavier, Janne and szach!

thanks a lot for asking and sharing your thoughts!

I guess you already answered it yourself. = )

The briefing has a quite open range of possibilities. From interior design to gadgets to conceptional architecture or coworking apps.

"The aim of this project is to find feasible and innovative interior design concepts as well as items and furniture for coworking spaces, which can be realized within large companies as well as in coworking spaces all over the world." (blog)

The most important is, that we need feasible ideas and do not want to end up in conceptional discussions or just ideas. Please think in the direction of product design. Feasible here means: How does it look like exactly?

Secondly the client is really interested to find an idea he can implement and license. For this it might be the best to create something feasible, concrete and tangible.

Does this answer your question?

Yours Jesko

Okay, so no cloud- or networking ideas, but tangible material ideas? I ask, because there have already been two or three cloud ideas submitted...

@szach: gern = )

@Janne: Both is possible! If you feel like creating an app, make sure that its not just an idea, but you CREATE this app.

Dear All,

as we have already 45 ideas now please keep an eye on the other submissions before you upload yours to avoid interferences.

Yours Jesko


Dear all,

yesterday we met the jury of the coworking challenge in the betahaus and here´s the blog post and the feedback:

Next week i´ll get back to you with a long list of research and inspiration. Thrilled to see the project and your ideas growing!

Yours, Jesko

Hello all!

I have a question relevent to the project and to the Jovoto community.

That I saw lots of you have team ideas. So how did you find each other and start to build the connection to ''co-working'' ? Are everyone willing to coworking for the projects?

I wonder about this and I hope it would also inspire you in some way :)

Dear february,

yes, i think teaming up for an idea is a great possibility to cowork and even get better results. If you have an idea you can upload it and write into the comments area what kind of co-worker you need – and invite poeple to join your team.

Usually this works by getting to know each other on the platform, becoming friends or see that someone is specially skilled in a filed that would help your idea a lot.

Thank you Jesko. Seems there is Jovoto's own way of coworking. Very nice indeed!

Hey everyone!

Jesko put together an awesome compilation of coworking Research & Inspiration for you!

For loads of ideas and inspiration check it out in the Materials Section of the briefing or here in this blog post:

Thanks Jesko! And have fun clicking around in the pdf, getting your share of fantastic design, inspiration and new ideas!



Thanks Betahaus for the video.. very useful.. :) and thanks Jess and Xavier for the links.. :)

till yesterday I had a little red dot at the right corner of my profil. now it's gone. why? what did I do? what was it for?

Hey there! The little red dot on your avatar means that your online :-)

haha. I can see it, it's right there. so no red dot award so far :) thx Jess.

Dear All!

Thanks for being vigilant. I will do monitoring today and tomorrow.

Yours Jesko

Monitoring is a great idea!

I have a question.. Can we use standard workstation table top shapes as long as we differentiate in the elements of the design, and size Something like this but want to differentiate.. but as an independant table which can be linked similarly along with other tables etc....

I see some similar tables already in the submissions.. like this which will be all glass.. I dont intend to use glass.. and I don't want to have any issues of infringement with other creatives or with manufacturers.. .. Please help.. anyone.. ?

Something like picture 4 in the link below but Joined with collaborative spaces, furniture and tables also.. and the permutations and combinations that come with that shape and attachments.. or

I do not quite understand the question Susan. I think it's hard not to use common materials such as glass, plastic, MDF or cardboard, but we get the different forms of these materials. I think the idea is more important than the shape and materials.

Thanks Elina.. I want to use the same shape to create a collaborative desk and then use that desk in arrangements with other desks and furniture.. I think I will upload as an idea and if anybody has issues with it they can let me know..

You can make unique product, even if it has smiliar shapes! But than you hato to be sure which exactly element is inovative and may be patented (licensed by client :) Something like that, Susan ;)

Thanks Artrocker.. :)

Dear szach! Yes, if you are inspired by other sources make sure you create your idea and design unique. Its hard to judge what you mean just by words describing your basic thinking.

Hey everybody!

Just to let you know if you miss me – i am spending my time in the backend doing monitoring. = )

I´ll do the in-between monitoring tomorrow again – and again at the end of the project.

Yours Jesko

Dear all,

Thanks a bunch so far! The submission period just ended. We will do constantly monitoring until the rating and jury rating deadline to keep your ideas safe.

The final rating and monitoring will be official shortly after the rating deadline.

Yours, Jesko

Oh, ended already? Just did an update on the pallet idea. Anyway, just illustrated the burning iron with the betahaus logo on Wood.

Dear Xavier,

thanks for being engaged about fairness on jovoto!

I had to delete your comment here, as you were pointing out a user with unfair rating behavior publicly. Please contact me directly via PM, if you want me to check ratings.

I checked the ratings, put them on global false (so that they do not count) and contacted the creative via PM to inform him that on jovoto the community itself can vote and choose the winners – and we do rating monitoring to support fairness within this process on the platform.


Yours Jesko

OK! Thank you Jesko. We did not want to offend anyone. The only thing we want is a fair assessment ...

Basher game started again.....

But hope that after rating monitoring everything will be ok... Good luck to everybody. :)

Yes... unfortunately they work really good! we must to be stupid to not see this! I am impatient to see the end!

Dear vanjolina, dear bonibom!

The rating period will end in 25 hours and the final rating clean up will be my mission.

Yours Jesko

Not shure if bashers or my project sucks :)). Jesko to the rescue!

I am here, guys. = )

(Actually, i deleted one comment here, cause it was inappropriate . I checked all ratings of the creative that feared bashing on her ideas, and everything was fine there.)


THANKS A BUNCH FOR YOUR AWESOME WORK HERE! I just closed the project and the winners are announced!

CONGRATS GUYS!! YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB HERE! Now i hurry up to get the blog announcement out within the next hours, to make it public – AND – announce the JURY WINNERS there !!

Drumroll = )

Yours Jesko


congratss to all winners :)

congrats for all winners. You all doing make awesome idea!

congratulate all the winners)) interesting)



After having a closer look at their short list again and discussing the criteria for the winners, this is the jury's final selection:

1) Status Flags (by Voto)

2) White Board Space (by EvgeniLeonov)

3) Raumlaune (by nude_design)

Betahaus is really enthusiastic about your ideas and the jury winners - and will meet the first creatives soon to talk about implementation, licensing and promoting their ideas. Thumbs up! And thanks a bunch everybody to make this a great success!



I can say only WOW and thank you Jesko very much for best guide work jovoto ever! You have done so lot work, answering so much questions and helped a lot! Thousg monitoring still can be better :)

Thanks a bunch dear Evgeni!

That´s really nice to hear!

Indeed, monitoring took a bit too long. Sorry for that. We are on it. But its a lot of work and i want your ideas be safely protected from unfair ratings. Please be a little patient with that.

Yours Jesko

Congrats! to both sets of winners.. :)

Congrats to all the winners : )

More projects like these please.. had a lot of fun taking part and enjoyed seeing the awesome creativity in the entries.. :)

Dear szach,

Nice to hear that! We are on it! There might be something cool for you starting soon. = )

Yours Jesko

Congrats to all winners!

Hey there! Any news about the payment?!... :)

Dear Xavier,

payments will be payed out by the end of this week. = )

Yours Jesko


Happy Wednesday -- In case you haven't seen it yet, there's a project I think you should check out!

Hero, a leading jam manufacturer, is looking for a special environment to bring jam back into fashion. Jam used to be a breakfast staple, but has recently fallen out of fashion. Hero is hoping to discover new touchpoints that will make jam attractive and modern.

Here's how you can help! Instead of creating a coworking atmosphere like you did for the coworking crowdstorm, imagine a physical space within a grocery store or a free-standing jam boutique. Could you propose an environment that reengages shoppers and makes them realize that jam is an essential part of their breakfast meals?

With six days left in the project and another €3 000 added to the award pool, it's not too late to submit!

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions! Alex