The Coworking Challenge

Create the Coworking Environment of the Future! €10,000 prize pool

Create the Coworking Environment of the Future!


betahaus wishes to develop the workspace of the future together with DREISECHSNULL – Telekom’s magazine for business clients -, and the jovoto community. The way in which we work has hugely changed over the past few years. Added value is no longer generated in classic offices. It is meanwhile being created at different places, at different times, in changing team constellations. This new way of working constantly requires new workspaces, both real and virtual. Open-plan digitally networked and collaborative workplaces that are flexible and serve as an incubation platform for networking, innovation and production are required. These new ways of coworking need a new environment!

betahaus is the first example of how the future of workspaces could look. Since 2008 betahaus has been working on creating workspaces for new needs and processes. The core element consists of flexible co-working spaces, which take into account concepts for cooperative, activity-oriented and attractive work environments, a vibrant corporate culture and a strong community.

The project partners

betahaus has gained extensive practical experience in the organization and supervision of co-working communities. In order to create the architecture, furnishings and IT infrastructure that correspond to the co-working principle, betahaus approached DREISECHSNULL/die Telekom:

DREISECHSNULL (THREE SIX ZERO) – Telekom’s magazine for business clients
DREISECHSNULL provides inspiration and advice for small to medium-sized companies. Written in a journalistic style, it shows the potential of trends and innovations for medium-sized companies and offers pragmatic tips and inspiring ideas to help the readers make their own businesses secure for the future and their everyday work more efficient. As a tool for small to medium-sized companies, DREISECHSNULL will report on this contest both online and in its quarterly print magazine.


The result of this project should be feasible concepts for co-working environments, which can be used both in companies as well as in co-working spaces all over the world.

Task Definition

Develop the coworking environment of the future!

Your workspace concept can include the following subject areas:

  • Focus on space
    What does space mean, where can it be found and how can it be used/transformed in the future?
  • Focus on elements
    Which elements (products/services/modules) should the working space of the future have? Which possibilities and benefits do these elements open up?
  • Focus on media
    Which media/IT technologies support your co-working idea? What kind of information/knowledge transfer does it enable and how?
  • Focus on people
    How will people from different disciplines, cultures, genders and generations work together in the future? How will the requirements of the most diverse of groups be met by your concept?
  • Focus on time
    Does your concept promote co-working that is irrespective of time and place? How does it combine working time and leisure time?
  • Focus on flexibility
    How dynamic and convertible is your working environment? How can it be, for example, adapted to a new situation, team structure or team size? And how does it combine a private area with a work area?
  • Focus on networking
    How does your concept connect the individuals? Does it promote the creation of wide-ranging new and personal networks? Does it network full-time employees with freelance staff?

Target Group

You are the target group – think about what you need for your perfect working environment and design your future workspace!


The type of lifestyle and working atmosphere your working environment conveys is entirely down to you and your idea.

Mandatory requirements

IMPORTANT: The professional jury members will not have the time to read through dozens of charts in order to be able to understand your idea. Therefore, please ensure that you SUMMARIZE your idea in just ONE CHART. As well as this, you can of course also submit additional charts to explain your idea in more detail.

Useful links:

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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congrats for all winners. You all doing make awesome idea!


congratulate all the winners)) interesting)




After having a closer look at their short list again and discussing the criteria for the winners, this is the jury's final selection:

1) Status Flags (by Voto)

2) White Board Space (by EvgeniLeonov)

3) Raumlaune (by nude_design)

Betahaus is really enthusiastic about your ideas and the jury winners - and will meet the first creatives soon to talk about implementation, licensing and promoting their ideas.
Thumbs up! And thanks a bunch everybody to make this a great success!




I can say only WOW and thank you Jesko very much for best guide work jovoto ever! You have done so lot work, answering so much questions and helped a lot! Thousg monitoring still can be better :)


Thanks a bunch dear Evgeni!

That´s really nice to hear!

Indeed, monitoring took a bit too long. Sorry for that.
We are on it. But its a lot of work and i want your ideas be safely protected from unfair ratings. Please be a little patient with that.



Congrats! to both sets of winners.. :)


Congrats to all the winners : )


More projects like these please.. had a lot of fun taking part and enjoyed seeing the awesome creativity in the entries.. :)


Dear szach,

Nice to hear that! We are on it!
There might be something cool for you starting soon. = )



Congrats to all winners!


Hey there! Any news about the payment?!...


Dear Xavier,

payments will be payed out by the end of this week. = )




Happy Wednesday -- In case you haven't seen it yet, there's a project I think you should check out!

Hero, a leading jam manufacturer, is looking for a special environment to bring jam back into fashion. Jam used to be a breakfast staple, but has recently fallen out of fashion. Hero is hoping to discover new touchpoints that will make jam attractive and modern.

Here's how you can help! Instead of creating a coworking atmosphere like you did for the coworking crowdstorm, imagine a physical space within a grocery store or a free-standing jam boutique. Could you propose an environment that reengages shoppers and makes them realize that jam is an essential part of their breakfast meals?

With six days left in the project and another €3 000 added to the award pool, it's not too late to submit!

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions!