Outdoor branches of coworking centers! Ideal for travellovers and freelancers hotdesking.


Outdoor branches is the additional income growth option for existing co-working centers. One outdoor co-working camp can gain 20000+EUR profit per season!

This idea shows how in very simple way with cheap constructions (wooden structure and plywood finishing) small team can construct co-working units and than get money from hot desking lease and can work there itself!

Why work in a stuffy apartment and alone, if you can work right in the middle of the park, surrounded by flowers and sunshine, together with like-minded people?!

Every self-respecting coworking center should have a summer branch in the park! (Because even the Kings has summer residences:)

We offer outside co-working hubs for local coworkers, travelers, all citizens and friends.

Business plan figures shows possible 20000 EUR Net Profit per season for one ecoworking space. ( )

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