Synergy - iT- DESK and Data enabled furniture co- workspace
Synergy/working together-data /tech enabled furniture,desks with/without flip top. Wireless charging


 Synergy meaning working together.. as furniture that works together and as furniture, desks , accessories  that promotes co-working together.. with or without flip top which are data enabled and have embedded wireless chargers.
Integrating and designing furniture with technology embedded or that which enables touchscreen based or tablet based use in future. The need for very large 
spaces is going down with the use of tablets, ipads, laptops etc. What we need 
are flexible elements that can be used many ways.
Synergy addresses that need.Along with ideas SCT Sofa Chair Table ( pronounced Seat) and Casi ( Collaboartive Alternative storage and I) it forms a package of 
flexible spaces.. SCT and Cobi will be seen in the renders as side elements) 
1) iT- desk
2) 360 tables, 
3) Tow tone two color seat
4) Sliding removable privacy box
5) Touch screen pullout tray for use with desks as seen in iT- desk

Furniture has  embedded wireless chargers and technological features see links and slides fully. Pop up electrical units in some desks. Touchscreen
From simple to high tech
Nice bright plexiglass colors or transparent , wood, bamboo or white finish
Desks connected using magnetic catches, grab latch or through joinery . 
Two tone is a two oolor seat made of foam with fabric covering. The colors can vary according to site need. 
Materials links 
lacquered glass white board .. ( Permission taken from busins for use of white borad idea overlap in desk )
More to come... 
iT DESK - Links for touchscreen making

Video mirroring
Wireless drive
Wireless charging
Pop up sockets