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Eva Wolkersdorfer
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Flexible desk alignment...

This idea focuses on space and flexibility. The needs and requirements are changing continously...

Coworking idea10 bigger
Office a la patchwork style
Coworking idea9 bigger
Mobile personal drawer
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Light, flexible, colorful, mobile...
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Sizes + new color
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2nd prototype
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Just bring some color in your life...
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Prototype desk arranged "a la conference room style"
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1st prototype (single desk)
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Office a la patchwork style


This idea focuses on flexibility / mobility and it came actually from patchwork (one of my big passions). The main idea was to find a �modern and mobile furniture / desks� which are ergonomically shaped, are seamlessly adjustable into each other (like patchwork patterns), and represent and exclusive design. Combined with moveable walls we can create offices where it is easy adapt if new person (or persons) joins (are joining) the team, or even then when the exiting team is splitted in different groups. The desks / chairs are all with wheels / rollers, this way easy to move them, and to create new working environments. The offices can benefit from a maximum use, always based on the actual needs. The flexibility is supported by wireless communication...


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