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Eva Wolkersdorfer
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"Bubble Jungle"

It represents a wide range of services / facilities where people can work and have fun together...

Coworking jungle bigger
Bubble Jungle main scheme
Coworking jungle1 bigger
Bubble Jungle - basic benefits
Coworking jungle2 bigger
Bubble jungle & Outside appearance
Coworking jungle4 bigger
Central working area - conceptual design
Coworking jungle5 bigger
Coworking jungle6 bigger
Bubble Junge chair


This complex of �bubbles� provides a wide range of services especially for those people who are working as a freelancer (until now basically done alone in home office). The �central / main� part functions as the �co-working area� with different sizes of separated �working bubbles�. The furniture in different design shall meet the requirements of all kind of generation / gender. Furthermore since everything is on wheels, it is easy to move it and can be adapted easily according to the changing requirements. Apart of this central part, there are different bubbles connecting to the main �building�:

·         Playhouse with daycare for those ones with small children

·         Fitness center with a wide range of possibilities (e.g. zumba, spinning, squash, sauna, etc.)

·         IT corner equipped with the latest IT infrastructure (e.g. you can pick up here your printouts, or scan in documents, etc.)

·         Conference center with smaller and bigger rooms

·         Restaurant corner with all kind of dishes (from vegetarian till country specific dishes)

·         Coffeehouse & Patisserie

·         �The green room�: a big open terrace from spring till autumn, and covered at winter time; here you can work as you would just sit in the middle of �mother nature�


Wireless broadband connection is available in each and every facility of this complex. The co-workers have to go through to a 1st time registration. Here they can pick a nick- / username and also can list her / his own profession / expertise. When logged in everybody can see each and every online user (not only at this certain facility, but connected to all other �bubble jungles� worldwide). The users can chat, send mails or even transfer files to each other. The transfer is secure and fire-walled. It can be also used as a community network, where co-workers can add friends and build new networks.


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