Whiteboard Space
All the workspace surfaces are covered with whiteboards and ready fo co-creativity and co-use!


Walls, tables, doors and furniture are covered with Porcelain, enamel-on-steel (the same material as for whiteboards.) Ceramic (glass) fired onto a steel surface in a kiln. They are the most durable surfaces and carry a lifetime warranty. Highly scratch-resistant, although materials harder than glass (like diamond) can scratch them. They do not absorb dry erase or permanent marker ink. They allow the use of magnets. Permanent marker can be removed by writing over it with a dry-erase marker and erasing it.

The coworking space will transform into united artspace and workspace and all the walls, doors and desks surfaces will transform into huge united worksurface. Different people will add their graphs, grafities and texts. After some time it all will form something similar to cultural layer - grafical history of coworking proceses in that room. 

The Man became Human through the joint creativity.
Let's give every cm of space to co-creation and collaboration
- from simple reminders on the wall to the collaborative paintings!

The special furniture line with whiteboard surfaces for cowork is the product, that can be very topical for design of creative coworking space! 
Slides show only few sample how the wide furniture line can look like!

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