a office space design and a set of product that helps co-working office environment more interactive



because we now live in digital era, "world of machines"
modernity has brought human to easier and better quality life, working environment in the future is a post-modern era where machine will be a fully-capable worker and human can focus on training thier human power, creativity. co-working environment is an example of a working environment that focus on human resources. co-working in the future will be based on human creativity, ability to synthesized problem in the project, think and work together, while the machine analyze and solve the problem as worker, we then create more efficient systems and better office living through design.

nowadays, what we lack of:
-space (room)
-time (money)

we try to invert this:
-space (needs money)
-time (needs room)

1. the first strategy is a co-working space design that saves money (efficient) and motivate people working inside.
2. the second, a space design that save time, time to be built and time of work inside it.

from both strategies, we can conclude that space design needed are:
-open plan (free, flexible)
-modular (based on module, organized)
-technology applied (integrated and sophisticated)
-focus on human power (creativity, cozy, humanized)

from the terms of references stated above, we try to design:
-a typical office room, that multi-functional and can be turn into co-working space
-a booth of working. the place to work that focus on social-organized co-working, but has privacy at the same time

-a common functional chair
-a smart interactive desk - with auto cooperation sensory (will be explained later)
-hidden all-way desk wheel
-neuro sensory lighting system
-use rfid to identify human
-many configuration on may occassions

wait for the updates!
what is it:
a office space design and a set of product that helps co-working office environment more interactive.

what are these designed for:
to company or organization to the project focus on human resource.