0,2 m3
0,2 m3 - all your office when folded. Extra low budget set (table+chair+safe) with unique features.


While you were away, your whole office was on the shelf.
When folded it takes only 0.2 cubic meters.
There is your safe inside it, so you could never carry around your stuff.
Now you're back from vacation - take your office from a shelve and go to work!!
Put a folded office on the floor, open the safe, take up a table, set the table in a comfortable place, put things out of the safe on the table, close the safe and start working!
Such offices have very little space when folded and co-working centre is able to store dozens of that offices.
Folded offices have owner's name and photo on it.
Folded offices are something like a wardrobe lockers in schools :)
The way of folding similar to matryoshka. 
Manufacturing cost of one set is about 10 euros.
Possible price of one set is 20-60 euros (depending on the size of the order).