Second home
goal : being at work = being at home , feel comfortable enough to work and bring out your best


problems of regular working space : feeling cramped , observed , distracted , lack of exercise , space...etc.

Gym : 

space : - big space leaves nothing to be desired ( decoration / room / event management ..) 
              - co-working for MANY people  is possible ( a lot of sevices in one area ,all connected )
              - some rooms are kept out of noise , suitable for conferences or for those need  silence
              - field can be use separately if lower down the curtains : 
ex: for doing sports right after work , that way people can save lot of time and  stay healthy 
      playground for children for those working with child 
              - showering is possible if you have to work over time or after doing sports 
              - and what about a room of hanging nest rest  for sleeping over night if you´re not done with work ? Would it be a nice idea for a special hotel in small size ?
              - especially artists can fully use this huge space for galeries , exhibition etc..
              - a bar/ coffee can be intergrated for relaxing afterwork or at break  ( by  the way i like the idea of asian bar that you can write on the walls to         leave some memories , those are really attractive to tourists ) -->                       maybe this fact will help the commercial exploitation of the company 
social  :  big front of glass keeping you out of the noise  but allowing  you to     follow the daily routine outside 
Inside : depends on your own needs whether you want to be alone or            not 
conclusion : Not only women can be multitasking  ! ^^ 




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