Sofa chair table


Mutifunctional furniture that can function as sofa , chairs and table .. compact and detachable. Can be used even in packed mode as an island table.. 

Same unit different purposes from table to sofa to  chairs. Please go through all the slides to see the possibilities
Sofa, pouff, coffee table, niche for private talk ,  conference table, dining table, display table, storage, back to back sofa, low table of two heights, recliner, temporary bed etc. Use it as u want, Lots of variations and uses for each of the elements.. 
The table/sofa back will have pullouts that can be used as keyboard tray, a place to place dishes for buffet ,place a choppingboard etc..
The inside of the sofa back will have a thin foam lining.
It will also have a recess in the side so u can keep a tablet or  phone and network.. and to fix a detachable table. 
Sofa size is 6'6" x 2'6" deapth and 3 feet height at island a position.The foam used can be memory foam also, so that it is thicker when seats are removed and thinner when seats are packed. One seat can have hidden storage space for 

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