My hybrid fruit
an app that organizes people's creative networks and encourages spontaneous and matual co-working.


''Hybrid fruit'' is a metaphor for collaborative projects between creative people with different disciplines and skills, etc.

Users will manage and organizes their networks (such as Behance networking, LinkedIn, Google+, Jovoto, CCSGlobe etc.) in one place with the help of ''My hybrid fruit''. Therefore making it easier and more convenient to keep track of their future co-working partners, in ''Creative feed''.

Apart from keep updated with people's activities from different creative networks in ''Creative feed'', user can also search by location, skill or profession for their potential co-workers. A unique feature is that you can spontaneous cowork with people. When on ''spontaneous'' mode, you can find creative individuals in the neighborhood who also use the app. If they also are in the ''spontaneous'' mode, why not send a message and jump into a project at once? It will be a lot of fun!

And after collaborating, user will have a ''approved'' network with only the projects and creative individuals he/she has worked with. With previous successful collaboration, this will make future co-working more convenient and encourages even more co-working acts.

Start using ''My hybrid fruit'' to organize all your creative networks and interact with them more than just ''follow'' and ''like'' by spontaneous collaborating!