Childish minds at work
A weekly children's day in the coworking space, to inspire both coworkers and children.


Play is very important for creatives. Bring in children once a week as a service at Betahaus, could make the atmosphere more refreshing and relaxed, thus more creativity. Coworkers with children will also trust Betahaus more, thus a better relationship is growing between Betahaus and coworkers, parents and children.

For one afternoon every week, children could come to Betahaus together with their parents, visit the parent's working environment, play with other kids, and look at what other creative people have done, or just be in this creative coworking place and be inspired. 

On the other hand, creative individuals at Betahaus will feel more relaxed with children's play and laughters, this one afternoon. Children are also a great inspiration for the coworkers. With the children playing with Lego, Meccano, etc and coworkers working at the Makers area nearby, both children and creatives have lots to learn from each other. Children are also perfect icebreakers for adults to start interact with each other, making Betahaus atmosphere more friendly and cosy. Thus all three parties, children, adults and Betahaus can benefit from this service.

To idea is to create a children's playing-making space equipped with creative toys like Lego, mecano, etc.  next to Betahaus' Makers area. Children who are coming to visit the place with their parents could play there, their intuitive behaviours might very well inspire some coworkers. It is also beneficial for children to be in a creative space, through observing adults and role playing. 

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