Memory material units for freedom working life!


Memory material units for freedom working life! Everyone can be comfortable working according to their own habits. someone like standing working, someone like more rest time for thinking, how to solve? i think the Memory material can The memory of each person's body movements at different times.
Let me describe?
1. personal arrival company at morning, normal will have busy work, he need very Formal working posture? he just need sit down on the Memory material units (Cube,first time use)
2. later he need Need to relax? The various parts of the body to increase power to the memory material, the material will Continuous deformation entil You feel the most comfortable state, then relax, memory material stops deformation.
3. you also can Use hands to shape the favorite work appearance of the memory material. you can standing or other! can 

Dug a lot of holes for storage the personal things, such as bags, books or files.
5. the memory material details follows,
1) the surface of MW use the Memory Fabric, manufactory: Dupont, product name: PTT( SORONA)
2) The inner filling material use Memory Foam, manufactory:NASA branch : Ames, product name: Visco-Elastic, other company name: Healthman.

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