Coworking in the future
An insight into the future of coworking spaces, from the architecture to the space organization.


The space is made of emptiness and the project of filling it. And when the theme is to build a coworking space, where the main objectives are the teamwork, the sharing of ideas and to bring the whole office environment but without the dramas and bureaucracies, we have the total freedom to design this space.
For me, the coworking space of the future will have to have access to a cultural space, such as a library, a recreation and leisure area and the workspace. But the important thing to keep in mind about these space is it�s complete openness, through holes in the walls and the ability to see all the people but with different space notions. The building should be a personification of the relations and the multidisciplina lived in it.
Of course, each space could be examined furthermore. For example, the library could be a space to have conferences, be able to receive a space of brainstorming or even workshops, and it could not even have books, but smart gadgets where people could access the books without their physical aspect. Already the leisure area should be open with the workspace, since even today we see so many people working in the coffee shops, but in this space the computers would fly through the air! With work, off course!
This coworking space would be a reference space, full of knowledge, sharing, multidisciplina and a place of pure innovation, where everyone would have access to everything and to keep in touch with other people.

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