Symbiosis (update no.2)
Coworking in symbiosis UPDATE: Video| Interior


 The main goal of this idea is to understand how symbiosis work in vegetal and animal life and substract some main features to keep in balance what we take from the city and what we give in exchange.

 The man as a city parasite sounds a little to rough but it is the truth. So how can this action turn in something positive?
 The main idea is to find things that can represent a support layer for our action, a place that can be improoved with a new function and image.
 First scenario- A dead wall. Nothing can be more oppressive like a giant, blind wall.  So, this sollution parasites the wall ,giving it Life in exchange. 
 This concept can be materialized in a metabolist architecture with a modular, flexible structure. 
 The modules cand be added or substracted, can merge-to create a bigger space.
 We have to understand this as a metamorphosis space.
 All floors are open, to improve the coworkers interaction, but the offices modules have an intimate side where they can isolate themselves.

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