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The Coworking Challenge

What will the coworking environment of the future look like? Which elements will be integral parts of the future coworking environment? What is the significance of space, time, networking and flexibility? betahaus is aiming to find answers to these questions together with DREISECHSNULL, Telekom’s magazine for business clients, and the jovoto community. Innovative concepts are required!

Why a Coworking Challenge?

betahaus is the first example of how the future of workspaces could look. Since 2008 betahaus has been working on creating workspaces for new needs and processes. The core element consists of flexible co-working spaces, which take into account concepts for cooperative, activity-oriented and attractive work environments, a vibrant corporate culture and a strong community.

Together with DREISECHSNULL – Telekom’s magazine for business clients and the jovoto community, betahaus now wishes to develop the work environment of the future!

And what is in for you?

The all over prize money of 10.000 EUR includes

  •  the Community-prize money of 7.000 EUR
  •  3 Jury awards à 1.000 EUR

Project Jury

Awarded ideas