Create Your HERO!

What does your ideal delivery hero look like?


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What does Lieferheld mean in English?

i think it says in the brief it means "Delivery-Hero" :)

Very cool. How many entries can we have?

I am super excited about this contest! I am looking forward to what kind of 'Delivery Heros' we will see!

ähem, don't really get it. do they look for a figure "lieferheld"?

yes they do. create a hero character who is fighting for delivery :)

yes they do. create a hero character who is fighting for delivery :)


Happy to see that you guys are all psyched for the contest!

Everyone should check this video out! It is a fun video and you get to hear what wants, from them!

this is a great project. i hope i get enough time to create some heroes

I hope you get a chance to as well!

hey cassandra! can you get us a photo or two of the real life delivery vehicle? some of us would like to develop our concepts close to it. thanks.

Hey - I am in the process of finding out but I am not sure yet if they have a delivery vehicle. I will let everyone know though when I do. I should know by tomorrow morning.

As promised guys: No, there's no Lieferheld Vehicle as such. Lieferheld only organizes the ordering via mail, but then each restaurant is responsible for their own packaging and delivery.

Hope that this helps!

thanks for researching that cassandra. it may change the way we present our ideas from now on.

Many entries look like copies of characters in some films: XMEN, SUPERMAN etc.. Is it what the client is asking for? Or schould we habe the bring some thing new and creative. What about A NEW HERO that fits to the brand?

the jovoto community tends to vote for safe ideas they've seen before in one form or another. so copies of characters are the best strategy to win.

I feel that sometime people may reference what they know. I understand what you are saying Theographix but there is a large amount of entries that are not referencing DC, Marvel or any other comics. And Teigan please be kind remember that your concept is still based from the idea from a comic as well. Sometime you can reference and it is not a bad thing to do. They are great ideas. Thank you to the both of you though for being honest. : )

i wasn't criticizing the community as much as the rewards system jovoto has set up which inevitably produces a narrow set of ideas. the community is just recognising the pattern and reacting to it whether consciously or subconsciously.

hahahhaa is this why u have this disappointed yellow face ? :)

the smiling faces have no depth without a frowning face for contrast.

Hey everyone - Just a reminder that the submission period for the contests ends tomorrow ( tuesday) If you have any last minute updates get 'um up. Looking forward to seeing everyones final entries. Everything is looking great! Congrats to those who have been working on everything so far - there are some great delivery heroes out there ready to attack hunger! : )

oh mann, die ersten 10 oder mehr haben alle das potential umgesetzt zu werden... gut das ich das nicht entscheiden muss... :D

Thanks you guys for making this contest so much fun! I hope you all enjoyed it! Congrats to all of our winners. You all did such great work, everyone did : )

congrats to all winners of this funny contest!!!

hey congrats, great work. Even my favorite, on place 10, is from the idea and design top.

Awesome work guys! Congrats to all the winners!!!

Congrats to our winners!!.......... damn! ;-)