There's a new hero in town....


Art Liefermann is a good hearted man, behind his oversized muscles, his inner child is always playing. He writes and illustrates his own comics since he was 5 years old, the bullies on the school always messed with him because his introverted and shy character. Despite his size, he's just a big bear who believes in good eating and until 2002 holded the records of more hamburgers (without sauces, the guy takes care of is health) eaten per minute.  Currently he's banned for life of every all-you-can eat restaurant. He loves LOLcats and it's allergic to gluten.


Due all the workout he makes, he developed a metabolism is as fast as a mosquito, so he can achieve unbelievable speed rates, also, this way, he never gets fat. Now that he has grown so big, he's not afraid of his new identity, so he doesn't wear a mask when his alter ego, LIEFERMAN®, without the last N, comes out to delivery the best food in town.

For no special reasons, he's obssesed with disco music and all the 70's american pop culture, and before delivering food, he makes his special Disco Move!® to get on fire, so he keeps the food warm all the way... this special move doesn't look as cool as he thinks, so he also gets rid of his enemies letting them blind for a few seconds when he starts grooving. Seriously, it can be really embarrasing.

In his special belt he has some Bee Gees, Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor in his mp3 player, salt, pepper, olive oil and hot sauce. And a a heat control to avoid burning the food with his hotness.


He gets highly distracted by cats, but since in Berlin there aren't free cats on the streets, he's fine. He hardly gets a joke but he laugh so people think he's smart. Therefore he can be damaged, but just for mean people who makes fun of his

innocence. And gluten.

His archenemy is the Angry Hipster®, a smartass skinny guy from Prenzlauer Berg who rides a holland bike, and hates everything that at least someone else likes. He hates LIEFERMAN® because once he embarrased him at his friends film (not movies!) club bringing the wrong order. But at the bottom he needs him to exteriorize his hate. Nobody know what he does for living.
He defeats is opponents judging their taste until they die... of shame.


Rumors of a new enemy are confirmed, his name is Herr Mittelscharf... disgusting guy by the way.... read description on panels =)


Introducing LIEFERGIRL.. Our hero's partner on duty... Eva Zillmann from Dresden, she developed a comunication system based on the now ubiquous mini-laptops or iPad. It has the mandatory GPS, holographic maps, like in the movies and works under LOS (Lieferheld OS), a revolutionary artificial intelligence originally developed for military devices. Eva was against the military use of her child and inseminated it with a worm, so LOS went bananas against the other developers and became itself a self-conscious electronic being, capable of falling in love for Evi, but since their love is impossible, is our hero's Cyrano.

Eva helps Artie to fight against Mittelscharf and the Angry Hipster, she has no superpowers but she has LOS. The most advanced intelligence ever known. Beside feeling love, LOS developed interest for human culture, specially food, and it has all the menues of all restaurants in its database...

Artie with his charisma, good will and amazing physical conditions, Eva with her hotness and LOS, they complement to eachother like no one else.
Herr Mittelscharf, the Angry Hipster and any other new villain in town have some to be afraid of.

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