HyperTime is a product of a discovery that his mother made during the 60´s.

She was a genius scientist, a quantum physics specialist, and, for unknown and strange circumstances, chose to live by his son´s side as a housewife.

She got married to a military man.


She raised his son under an apparent normal life, but teaching him unrevealed quantum physics secrets hidden in everyday actions, hoping that he would realize that he was a genius �perhaps even better than her- once he grew up.

His father, unaware of this reality, raised him as a truly sportsman, and taught him to defend himself.


He couldn´t take himself away from his mother´s teaching, so he ended up studying Quantum Physics in the local University.

Performing experiments in his lab, he found a way to move through time and space using doorways that he discovered. This allowed him to be everywhere he wanted in just a fraction of a second.


This time-travelling developed in him a SuperVision wich he uses to see the doorways and travel through them. He can control subatomic particles and create a power field around him.

In his labs, he also created a pair of special glasses, which he uses to see the universe of doorways, and allows him to visualize where he is and where he wants to go.


He´s a conscious and caring young man that doesn´t wanna be the classic superhero, fighting crime or anything like that. So, he chose to help people in simple way: delivering their food whenever they´re hungry. He uses his superpowers not only to be in places on time, but also to keep food at the perfect temperature, by controlling its molecules.


He´s always on time. He´s HyperTime.