The Cricket
Unexpected Hero


This ex-cyrcus artist who has turn into an anonymous hero , is constantly moving around,  surprising town with his extravagance.

 Inspired by DaVinci´s  Ideas and the Jansen wheel he has come with many invention. The Grasshopper, maybe his favorite could be compared with a flying bike , a human powered machine able to convert random moves into coordinated ones = motion.
Though  he looks more  clumsy than elegant when he flys, can get from A to B in no time ,(not mayor injuries has been reported).
  Many make fun of him for his odd looks, specially for his hat , in defence he claims to  get agreater sense of stability .
Usually loved by people spscially  childrens, he also have rivals:
 People who hate clowns. Although is not any more in the cyrcus  his costumes doesn´t help him at all.
To avoid cramps he is constantly warming up and streching, in any  moment he must deliver a meal!