chubby dude
a sweet dude to deliver some food ///


Chubby dude is a young character who loves to eat, and one day he just realized that he must share his happiness of eating with everyone so he started to bring and deliver food to people. 

He is a very happy and a sweet dude (maybe the happiest one because he eats a lot, if you love food you know what I mean� ) and his mission is to share with the people his passion, he can deliver food to you but also if you ask him he can talk with you about some recipes and flavors you must try, it is so nice to hear him speaking about that my mouth is watering now /// :) 

He is so friendly and sometimes people invite him to have a meal with them when he delivers, but not for a long time, remember he needs to deliver the next orders so you will see him all the time around bringing amazing food�  

You will notice he has some food in his head because all the time he is prepared, if someone forgot to ask for a dessert, he has some options like ice cream, chocolate,   or cakes in the top of his head for you (sometimes when he is hungry he gets some  :P). And you will recognize him all the time showing his big smile and you can hear him talking about healthy food and vegetables as well�  

Next time you see him just say hello and ask him for a lovely meal to deliver ////

Enemy is his Nemesis  ///

Enemy is the character who tries to steel the food of Chubby boy when he delivers... Enemy is very fast and agile, but Chubby dude has been improving some ways to avoid him ... Enemy just want to take the food from Chubby's head and eat it, Enemy has a very Big stomach and thats is the reason of his powers, he can eat so so so so much, you can't imagine ....

Lets see what will happen with this guys out there, they will have some battles to come  ......

Have a good meal  

( +____+)