RollerHeld The New Lieferheld hero...


A smart, fast and fun girl will bring your food this time...

Katy is an apparently common girl. She goes to school, she has her friends, and a thing for fashion, sports and technology. But, until now, she´s been pretty much on her own. Not too much of a social life (´cause she likes her lonely hours) and a lot of dreaming.
One of her secret passions is an online role playing game named SPEED, where her avatar ROLLERHELD, is a strong and fashioned girl, who win her tasks and avoid the enemies wearing super speed inline skates. She is the best in this world, and when she is RollerHeld, she feels complete.

One day, just like any ohter, a strange message on the screen interrupts her game...

- "Katy... we need RollerHeld for a mission in the real world!"

She stands up, thinking is a joke from some hacker. And then another message:

- "Please don´t go, Katy. This is serious. RollerHeld is the only one that can help us".

She comes back to the keyboard, and slowly types the words... "but RollerHled doesn´t exists, i´m just Katy".
The message responds, again:

- "She exists Katy. She IS you, and you ARE her. You´ll see, that you´re capable of more than you think!".

Suddenly the door bell rings, and she runs towards it. She looks through the peeping hole and there´s nobody, but there is a box...
Katy, scared but excited, opens  the door and grabs the box, wich has a logo (typed as she always thoght it would be) that says "RollerHeld". Inside the box there´s a complete outfit and a pair of skates... the most amazing skates she´s ever seen! She holds the clothes and a paper falls, with an adress written, and the message "Please, come fast, RollerHelld. We need you!".
Not completely convinced, but filled of emotion and excitement, Katy puts on the outfit, and the moment she gets into the skates, somehing changes, or better, AWAKES inside of her...

The Villain. BlackOut

BlackOut is creepy guy with no sense of taste. Because of this, he doesn�t understand why people eat. He lives out of supplements in the minimal amount, and is always chasing RollerHeld, disguised as a skinny jogger. He seems harmless, but he has a dangerous weapon� A small device capable of generate EMPs (electro magnetic pulse) powerful enough to shut down the energy in a 5km range within his location. Doing this, BlackOut will cause the semaphores turn off, the computers and the Internet stop functioning, and all electronic devices to lost connection during five minutes.

Five minutes doesn�t seem like much, but imagine the chaos that may cause not having electricity, or wifi connection, or semaphores, or satellite information, all at the same time in rush hour. The traffic will go nuts, the orders won�t be placed, data may be lost, and communications will fail.


 The messenger. LieferHeld

The mystery messenger on the screen� He�s just a virtual being that has been monitorizing the net�s activity in the search of a true hero, someone who could fulfill the task of alleviate people�s hunger, by delivering them tasty food in short time. This hero has been finally found�

LieferHeld communicates through the web and wifi connections with RollerHeld, informing her about the delivery missions. So, everytime BlackOut interferes causing one of his EMPs, this communication gets interrupted, and the danger of losing the time window to deliver the order promptly shuts down.



RollerHeld�s mission

Deliver tasty, fresh food to people who ordered it, and do it in the shortest amount of time, so food keeps all of it flavor.

To achieve this, she must be faster than BlackOut, and be always alert.

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