The Liferheld Heroes
Wills: Hey, Mimey, we have to do it!! Do you understand? Mimey: (some mime mimics + a sinister smile). Wills: Mimey.... where the good guys.....I think if we do that we'd go to jail......


Wills and Mimey are 2 very chilledd-out, funny characters...... They work  for Liferheld's company delivering food with their car- the Lunchbox to all the hungry people out there.
Yes, they do good deeds!!
But, as you know, there aren't stories without bad guys!
Here are ours: Tabacco - the ever smoking machine, and his partner Puddles - carring around his EVIL squirrel pet. Their allways hungry and ready  for some food-snaching!
However Wills and Mimey manage to ..... well you'll see ;) The inportant thing is that our heroes have to take care of these pepople and their HUNGER in time!
How exactly do they do that?

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