Jeff, Lieferheld.
Hungry's people hero!!!



Human Name: Jeff.

Human Skill: Internet Networks, WebMaster and Worldwide connections.

Hero Name: Lieferheld.

Features: Extremely fast, strong as steel and light as aluminum.

Special Power: Gravity Control.

Special Move: Hides under his red "capa" all the food for delivering; this protects all the food with a gravitational force, so, it always get to the client in perfect conditions.

Curious issue: Never eats, he gets feed by the sun, the moon and by every online order, they make him more powerful and fast.

Weakness: He gets weak if clients stop ordering.

Special Devices:
He carries in his chest a hightech lieferheld shield sensor for communication that has all the brand new devices with all the software needed for this heroic job(wifi, bluetooth, sms, calls,  internet, hi res wireless screen, gps, etc ).


Name: Virus.

Virus Move:
He likes to break down all internet connection, so, people can't order food to eat.
Jeff always has to fix the internet networks, so, he can become Lieferheld to make the delivery on time to all the clients.

LIEFERHELD, Hungry's People Hero!!!



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