Our super hero concept tries to be as close as possible to what actually does.


We made up this team of superheros, whose capacities are very similar to what LIEFERHELD.DE actually does - namely to ensure and support home delivery services of our cities, so that they can function well and simply for everyone. Some very important elements in this concept are of course the villains. Each one of them aspires for personal reasons and by different means to give food deliverers a hard time. Our duo of heros, just like LIEFERHELD.DE, relies on modern technology and communication along with intelligence and creativity while battling against the bad guys.

The backcloth of this approach is as follows:

An internet platform, which organises food delivery, comes across as a bit abstract. To give this platform the name "delivery hero" and to personify an appropriate superhero thus making the platform tangible, is a good strategy.  ?

However, conceiving that superhero as a delivery man doesn't conform to what in fact does. This could easily be misunderstood und lead to a blurred perception of the brand. Here is an example: If the marketing strategy was to be aligned with a delivering superhero, there would be a very good chance that customers associate the delivery service with the lieferheld-brand itself (at least unconsciously), even though the latter has no influence on the process of delivering itself. This could become a problem, if a restaurant or its delivery man � messes things up. The personification of the brand then becomes a trap, although has nothing to do with this mistake.

That is why we believe that needs a superhero, who matches in his capacities and challenges what the company genuinely does.

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