Modern Line Art pattern which looks a bit like a maze ;)


Imagine a picture of a maze. A man is standing in front of it and inside there are 3 women. The man is going to search the "right one". One woman is standing on a ladder with a sparkling wine bottle in her hand. She will immediately opens it and pop the cork. More bottles standing around her. She will pop so many corks until the man has found her. The 2 other women are only waiting traditionally, but the "HENKELL woman" creates her own tradition! She is active and helps the man to find her. :)

More Perspectives or Details

The lines are dark black and the background is a bit lighter black. Thin golden lines are around some areas and gives the design a glamor finish.

Colour or Design Variations

For this project I went to our nearest EDEKA and had a look at the wine shelf. There are many sorts of sparkling wine bottles from different companies - some also with designs. My design will fit perfect into the actual range of Henkell sparkling wine and will also stand out between all the others.

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