It is the mixture of concepts that divide 2 distant generations the digital and pre-industrial


Each encounter tells a new story, and from the stories it is time and with time the evolution of man and his environment. He writes history and changes it ... new ways of communicating, celebrating and living. Henkell lets you go hand in hand creating new traditions. In this edition, invites to revolutionize the standards of elegance, such as strokes, reticulated figures, patterns and textures in something more free without forgetting the elegance and its colors. Do not take yourself seriously.

More Perspectives or Details

The paint spots on the label are a reflection of Henkell's motto: Do ​​not take yourself too seriously and create your own traditions! The circular paint stains represent the foam bubbles in the wine instead of perfectly circular lines. Goodbye seriousness !!

Colour or Design Variations

Black, gold, carmine red