Fine pattern design, inspired by William Morris, re-invents the tradition and favours new beginning.


Are you ready to do something different from what is usually done? Why not break with tradition and reinvent the classic William Morris inspired pattern in a new, different and unique way? Should roses be always red? Or have thorns? It's your decision. Show your character! The juxtaposition of Romantic spirit and a clean-modern twist is a celebration of play, surprise and marvel.

Intricate fine design still delivers esthetic joy and satisfies the high demands of Henkell products quality.

More Perspectives or Details

This design tends to put individualism and freedom in the first place. It is shown through the juxtaposition of colour, calm green to carmine red. Loved by women and respected by men William Morris inspired artwork transmits the idea of quality and significance with unexpected and unusual effect.

Colour or Design Variations

Playful swirls and minimal colours initiate light and contemporary approach, a re-interpretation of historical origin.

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