"Build" Your Own Tradition
A refreshing and elegant reinterpretation of a well known tradition: The sparkling-wine-pyramid


As a playful twist, the sparkling wine glasses come in different sizes (i.e Coupe, Tulip, Flute), symbolising the individuality of the consumer and versatility of Henkell Trocken through various drinking traditions/styles/occasions over the last centuries. Confetti in the background and foreground add a sense of depth and underline attributes such as amusement and celebration. ”Don’t take yourself too seriously“ means having fun, breaking the rules and making the seemingly impossible possible.

More Perspectives or Details

The linestrokes of the repeating pattern add a handdrawn aesthetic to the dynamic composition of the design. Every time in history had its own style - Coupe, Tulip, Flute... and they still exist in many homes. All of which are now combined in our modern society and in this festive limited edition.

Colour or Design Variations

The different colour combinations in red, gold, dark green and black remain true to the brand‘s visual character. The overall intention was to demonstrate that Henkell’s sparkling wine allows you to be elegant and exclusive while having fun, celebrating life and sharing memories and traditions.

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