Making the ordinary extraordinary


Reinvent the traditional ordinary Sunday brunch into an extraordinary picnic "upgraded" with Mimosas. We all love our lazy Sundays when lunches can turn into 12 PM breakfasts and breakfasts are sparkling-wine friendly! Our solution integrates the key colors and elements contouring the perfect setting for drinking the half sparkling wine-half orange juice cocktail called Mimosa: olive green shades, eucalyptus and dandelion textures, brought together by the green haze of a bare-foot afternoon.

More Perspectives or Details

The shape,texture and dusty-green shades of the seeded-eucalyptus are our main elements. Not only do the eucalyptus leafs offer a round, feminine curve to the design, but the lace-aspect given by the seeded branches and the ephemeral dandelion bloom enhance the neutral freshness of the whole design.

Colour or Design Variations

The design may vary in pastel colors such as our example: chamois yellow, tea-rose pink and egg-shell green. Our proposed color palette resonates with Henkell's brand identity.

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