Henkell Euphoria
Henkell Euphoria is focus on unique feeling that Henkell gives you - Old & New Fusion


Henkell Euphoria is a contemporary special design, that combines the tradition of the unique taste of the Henkell sparkling wine and the always surprisingly feeling that gives you - after is yours and you taste it. Henkel Euphoria is about the feeling -the combine the quality taste that always feel so right and let you "Create your own tradition" about when and how you want to enjoy this moment. Let yourself go with the perfect epic flavor in your most "contemporary moments".

More Perspectives or Details

The details ( elegant and modern) - are a focus on euphoric moves with a touch of preciousness (hexagonal shapes) - the excitement feelings, the moves, the "let your self-go", could be the moves while enjoying a party, a dance, or simply enjoying the moment in your way-creating your own tradition.

Colour or Design Variations

The Euphoria Design can work very well also on white, red and pink background.

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