Tradition combined with modern / contemporary art, which transmits the message of being timeless.


I wanted to come up with a design which combines tradition and modern art, which transmits the message of being timeless. Since the avant-garde style has been always one of my favorites and it is considered to be a style which adores playing with shapes, proportions and with bright colors, the proposed design fits perfectly as a solution. Avant-garde is also considered as a symbol of progress, exploration and innovation, being ahead of time. These characteristics are 100% valid for Henkell too.

More Perspectives or Details

It is based on playing with geometric forms and colors. On the front side you can see a sparkling wines glass, while on the back a “bunch of grapes” in an abstract way. The stars are standing as a symbol for being festive / glamorous.

Colour or Design Variations

The different variations do underline the glam / festive style of the design.

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