A touch of history


A touch of history shows in the design of the bottle, discreetly used, so it does not look stale. Simply dosed, it gives the sparkling wine design a special taste. And certainly convey new conversation. Black color, as the deepest shadow, and white as an absolute light, all this plus a classic retro design make this bottle of sparkling wine a very important and bright element in the overall interior design. The shape of the circles is uneven for more life feeling, like they are breething.

More Perspectives or Details

Henkell advertising example.

Colour or Design Variations

The negativ variation of design looks also very stylish and gorgeous with a little nostagie. A lot of things getting old and nobody remember it. Some designs like this one is never die. This will be a limited edition and after it is over everybody will forgot it... and this is the idea for my own tradition: "Tradition will stay alive"!

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