Use your imagination and create your own tradition
By releasing your imagination you can break the rules and create new tradition


Let our imagination see things happen as we like. Break the rules and create new traditions and live our life as we want. It is up to us to select the perspective we want to see things from! The new limited edition bottle encourage us to put imagination into our lives and not take ourselves too seriously. Life is short and we need to live it with on own rules and traditions. Celebrate your life as you wish and not how others do.

More Perspectives or Details

A flowing design which translates in many ways. It is up to you to choose how you want to see it! It is flowing life through the bottle.

Colour or Design Variations

The design can be easily applied in all Henkell's colors. At this version i use my imagination and I get inspired from the sea and the sea weeds! Do you too?

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