A design element found in art, architecture, and traditional symbolism combined with a modern twist


A Quatrefoil is a decorative element that is found in art, architecture, and traditional Christian symbolism. Quatrefoil means "four leaves", referring specifically to a four-leafed clover, but applies in general to four-lobed shapes in various contexts. A number of luxury brands have adapted versions of the symbol to represent their brand. So it's fitting for a Henkell Special Edition Sparkling Wine. Have new experiences. Go on an adventure. Make new memories- Now it's YOUR new tradition.

More Perspectives or Details

A few of the various wraps I created based on the Quatrefoil design. It gives the bottle a solid regal look, It feels like there's a history behind the design.

Colour or Design Variations

These are just four of the many sleeve patterns I created as a flat design, All Quatrefoil designs are original.