Fly up high like a butterfly!
Who said that we can't fly like butterflies in the night?


There are times when we are too timid or too rational and mature, or maybe we just take ourselves too seriously and therefore get to miss out on the most fascinating and beautiful moments. The idea is to dare to flutter our wings and enjoy that moment while it lasts, to become courageous and beautiful like a butterfly!

More Perspectives or Details

It's a given that without change there are no butterflies. So for once, dare to change, not yourself, but the way you feel about yourself. Don't take yourself too seriously,flutter your wings and create your own traditions. Get out or your cocoon and be who you want to be next to the people you love

Colour or Design Variations

A simple yet elegant design that reflects the allegory between this mysterious and fascinating creatures and the felling of lightness, liberty and happiness that we get when we dare to enjoy the moment.

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