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Founded more than 150 years ago, Henkell quickly grew to become one of the best known sparkling wine brands in Germany – and today it's available in over 100 countries worldwide.

What’s the task?

Henkell wants you to give the brand a new creative sparkle by creating the design on their 2018 Limited Edition bottle. 

The current international brand campaign revolves around challenging and re-defining the established rules of an old antiquated world in a playful and pleasant way. Henkell's motto: "Don’t take yourself too seriously and create your own traditions!"

Using this motto as your cue, Henkell wants you to come up with inspiring new designs to make the limited edition appealing to a younger and modern audience.

What’s in it for me?

Besides the opportunity to have your idea realized by Henkell, you could earn from the total award pool of €10,000. We raise our glasses to your creativity and can't wait to see your inspiring designs!

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