Creating Values

values & friends - a young consultancy specializing in value-oriented communication are looking for the ideal branding!

€2,500prize pool

values & friends - a young consultancy specializing in value-oriented communication are looking for the ideal branding!


values & friends is a start-up from Berlin. Specializing in consulting companies in the area of social media, values & friends is primarily concerned with showing their clients the meaning and possible use scenarios of social media communication, but also the limitations and risks thereof.


values & friends like to point out, that social media should be used for what they are suited for - the respectful communication between people(!) on eye level. To make this move, companies must be prepared, and that's what values & friends are there for. values & friends suggests to their clients, that THEIR clients are not consumers but friends.


values & friends has managed to bring together several experienced partners from all areas of communication with the goal of convincing their clients, that success through appreciation and mutual respect is possible.

Task Definition

Develop a remarkable Corporate Design / Branding for the communication consultancy values & friends.


The name is not to be changed - use it to get a good sense of direction: value-oriented, friendly and communicative.


values & friends works with the claim: "Kommunikation. Werte. Orientiert." (Can be roughly translated as "Communication. Value. Oriented")


It's important that the design can be adapted to several media. values & friends would therefore like to see some examples of use (business cards, standard letters, website, email signature...).

Target Group

B2B - companies ranging from small- and medium-sized businesses and to international corporations, organizations and public authorities


  • sincere & reliable
  • competent & dynamic
  • fresh & elegant
  • clear & prencise
  • 2.0 & timeless

Mandatory requirements

values & friends operate on a very dynamic market. Their clients often do not share these qualities (yet). This is why values & friends closes the difficult gap between tradition and the world of "2.0". 


Very convincing and promising business concept! Should be intersting if we invite the customer to have a closer and even more detailed look at the values to have a perfect briefing. We could do some discussion and brainstroming right here in the briefing.

Great idea Jesko. My mind is trying to combine the two elements: "friendship" and "values". There is a strong connection between them and I think that this connection should be presented in a well detailed and fine branding.

hey there... I really love the concept. Visualizing the fusion of those two words in a concept-related sense will be the challenge :) I´m on it man!

Großen Glückwunsch an die sechs (mmmmh nur sechs :( ) Gewinner. Einige riesen Ideen und allesamt top ausgearbeitet. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle :)

Die Gewinneridee steht zurecht auf Platz 1! Gefällt mir ausserordentlich gut! Aber auch sonst gabs umwerfende Arbeiten!