This is a first draft of my idea. The handshake symbolizes business, trust and working together The two speaking bubbles symbolize communication and the generation of 'chat' and internet networking.

I am not really happy with the colors. It reminds me of a health insurance. Not sure how to change that.I think I will make the handshake more simple, more basic- that might look more modern.I am grateful for your comments. Thank you!
UPDATE: I tried to keep the idea of the handshake but reduce the whole thing a bit....

UPDATE 2: I did three different versions now. Two with the hands in 'the box'- did I take the 'cropping advice' too literally?The second version has no 'handshake' anymore- but I kept the hand because I think that symbolizes quite well the idea of 'working together' or 'handing work over'... What you think?

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