simplicity is the key


�Simplicity is the key�

... This is the basic approach of my idea. Communication should take place easily and uncomplicated. This simplicity is reflected in the CD.
My intention was,  to create a simple and clear, yet strong and timeless logo.
The unconventional arrangement of typography and Keyvisual creates a compact overall shape and a high recognition value.
The compact size allows easy use of the logo in various media.
All in all, the visual for itself, and the overall logo shall communicate the three key corporate values: value-oriented, friendly and communicative.

- Quotation marks as a symbol of value-based communication.
- Implied talking / laughing smiley face as a symbol of friendliness.
- Communicating two heads in profile as a symbol of communication between people on eye level.
Based on the concept of "simplicity" , the keyvisual is the main design element of the CD.

Straightforward and clear font that visualizes the corporate values of honesty, reliability and competence, but also the freshness, elegance and modernity taught.

Soft blue combined with a modern green. No gradients - only pure colors. Mainly blue, green and white. Gray in three gradations.

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