building the network


With this logo I deliberately went for a brighter and louder design. It gives the brand a modern feel and tons of exciting ways for graphic execution. The colours also make it stand out in a crowd of traditional and formal consultancy brands.

The initial letters of the name are highlighted and made into icons. In their 3D execution they turn a flat medium (e.g. the computer screen) into a world of possibilities. They show that v&f know all the angles and facets of social media and can perfectly help clients to navigate their way around them. The typography is very linear and straight forward, matching the style of the architectural shapes. Through this, it also balances out the playfulness of the colours.

I think a logo like this will also work, because clients have to be brave to approach social media. So, they expect their consultancy to already be "there".

The images I used to visualise some of my ideas are real giveaways and products found on the web. Of course, any copyrights lie with those companies.