Creativity For The Energy Revolution

Be part of the energy revolution. Create a new key visual for Greenpeace.

€2,500prize pool

Be part of the energy revolution. Create a new key visual for Greenpeace.


Germany is on the brink of a crucial change in its energy policy. The question is: Will we continue with hazardous nuclear energy and climate-damaging charcoal or will we focus on a consistent change that will lead to renewable energy? If all our energy is focused on the expansion of renewables, by 2050 Germany will have covered up to 100 percent of its power requirements with sun, wind and water power as well as biogas and geothermal energy. Through this, we will be capable of meeting an enormous challenge for all mankind: the climate change.

In September 2010, the federal government wants to submit a national energy concept which will codify the energy policy for the next decades. The black-yellow coalition supports the extended operating times of nuclear power stations as well as the expansion of renewable energy. Experts, however, doubt the successful coexistence of both energy sources. Even the Environment Council of the federal government stated that extended operating times will inhibit the extension of renewables.

The environmental group Greenpeace wants to accompany this process with a campaign in which as many parliamentarians as possible shall declare themselves in favor of the use of renewables. For this purpose, Greenpeace wants to exert pressure on the internet and in the street in a communicative way.

To support this campaign, Greenpeace is looking for a logo which accompanies the online-activities of Greenpeace (e.g. on facebook, MySpace, GreenAction, etc.). The logo shall also be used on sign-up lists, stickers and as a flag on balconies. Therefore, the design of the logo needs to meet these guidelines. In the same way as the “atomic sun” became a recognizable symbol of the anti-nuclear movement, the new key visual should symbolize the following: The person carrying this logo expresses his or her a 100 percent commitment to renewables instead of nuclear energy and charcoal.

The problem is that attributes like “renewable” and numbers like “100%”, “2050” make it sound like a dull topic. Thus, in order to disprove that, it is even more important to create a logo which is appealing, funny and cheerful.

Greenpeace is a non-violent, independent and charitable environmental group. Since 1971 Greenpeace advocates the protection of livelihood throughout the world: non-violence is its main principal. The organization is independent of governments, political parties and economic stakeholders.

Task Definition

Come up with a logo / key visual including a tagline that expresses the following: Germany can, and indeed must, produce a 100 percent of its future power requirements from renewable energy. Renewable energy is clean, secure and inexhaustible. It is the future, it benefits Germany, and Germany’s citizens should come to the conviction: “I’m for it”.

Target Group

Main target group: ethically orientated middle-class and post-materialist thinking citizens with environmental awareness.
To all people who are in favor of renewable energy, and against nuclear power and climatic collapse, the logo shalll encourage their “coming out” as a supporter of the energy turnaround. 


  • simple,
  • positive,
  • towards the future,
  • likeable
  • perhaps provocative, bold and funny

Mandatory requirements

  • Include the Greenpeace Logo in the Key Visual.

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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1 Euro pro verkaufte Idee? Das ist doch bestimmt ein Schreibfehler. Oder ist das eine Umsatzbeteiligung pro Stück? Das wäre aber auch unlogisch ...;-)

1 Euro als symbolischer Betrag! Steht gaube ich im Blog! Nonmonetarer Benefit wäre dann, das du dein Logo überall sehen kannst.

1Euro as a symboloc payment! Read in the blog. Nonmonetary benefit is you can see your logo all around...

Ahhsoo, wird man dann dafür berühmt. Verstehe. (Steve Jobs bekommt auch nur 1 Dollar an Gehalt von Apple.)

Das Problem ist. Nur Hartz 4 Empfänger dürfen 1 Euro Jobs annehmen.

Erneut heftig lach :))))), kaptn. Obwohl: Viele von uns sind möglicherweise auf dem besten Weg dorthin.

Ok guys, the licensed ideas is a pro bono case because Greenpeace is a non profit organisation. If you don't feel like participating in this contest you are free to do so.

Ich denke, dass im Falle von Greenpeace 1 EUR in Ordnung geht. Ist ja für einen guten Zweck und Mitmachen fast ehrenamtlich.

Guys, please have a look at my blogpost where I explained all the benefits you get if your idea is licensed:

It's a non-profit, 1 Euro is too much, it should be zero. Renewable energy is great motivation, great contest.

ONLY IN THIS CASE! I apologise and ashes on my head. My hand was faster than my mind.:)

Viel wichtiger als der Euro ist doch die Frage: Wer darf denn Schlauchboot fahren? Die Plätze 1- 6 oder nur der/die Glückliche der eine Idee verkauft?

Vielleicht eine Verlosung unter allen Teilnehmern. Das wäre wenigstens spannend.

I'm still waiting on feedback from the client, sorry for getting back to you only now, I will let you know who get's to ride the boat!

Finally I'm back with feedback on the rubber boat ride: We're calling on our Karma collectors! In each case the first in the category commenting and the first in the category rating are going to get a ride as well as the winner of the contest. So go ahead, comment and rate and don't stop till you drop!

how to submit our work

hi akshaya, the submission period is closed now, you can only rate for this contest. Looking forward to having you participate in one of our other contests though!

Closed? ..bugger! I was just gonna submit my winning idea!

Is there somewhere here I can show it anyway?

This was going to be my blurb -

My concept to 'codify' the Energy Renuables Policy in the form of a simple graph to be used as the Greenpeace logo. This graph ( NOT shown on a badge here ) could be updated during the coming decades reflecting progress of the policy.

Also I imagine an interactive version of the graph, similar to an App or Widget, where the user will zoom in revealing sub-divisions indicating year, month showing each stage of the policy's progress with related news links etc. I hope Greenpeace could develop the App and feature it as a key marker to their campaign !?

communicating the possibilities of a real and sustainable future needs a simple graph you can both read and use, and my logo identifies that message.

  • Sigh

Haha dood, this is not quite the right place to publish your "winning idea" (I like that attitude). Unfortunately it's too late to submit your design to the contest, but check your inbox, I just sent you a mail that we might be able to include your idea in one of our post, if in fact it is that winning ;)

tut zwar nix zur sache, passt aber trotzdem irgendwie:

Gratulation to the winners

Who was the sold idea?

Exactly. Who was the sold idea?

Please be patient, it usually takes some time after the end of the contest until the client decides about licensing... I'll keep you updated, don't worry ;)

Who will ride in Greenpeace's rubber boat? ;)

Hi there! We have a new key visual project called "Power to the People." The client, Citizens for Democracy i.G., is looking for an eye-catching posters to inspire people to become active in their communities. If you're interested, submit your draft visuals by Thursday and earn from €400 after the week 1 awards :) Read more about it! Jess