Germany: 100% Renewable 2050


To help promote change in Germany's energy policy I have designed a logo that brings the renewable energies themselves to the forefront. Bold graphics, simple shapes, and vibrant colors make each energy symbol easy to understand and memorable to all groups; the mark is easily recognizable  and would be legible from great distances.
The national colors of Germany (black, red, and yellow/gold) are represented. A fourth color, blue, represents water which connects us all, reminding us of the issue's global impact and the responsibilities all countries have to the environment.
The logo is a fun exclamation, stressing urgency but remaining cheerful in spirit. It is easily reproducible and applicable to a variety of items which may include: campaign posters and billboards, flags, lapel pins, stickers, the internet and stationary. To communicate a positive future, arrows in the logo point up and right.
Finally, it is my belief that this design can absolutely rally the citizens of germany to declare "they are for it". 

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