BEE CREATIVE! Look at the drawing and let your imagination run wild... :)


The jovoto creatives are busy as a bee. We all are a big bee colony and our goal is to produce. We are the creative honey makers. The beehive is jovotos headquater - there lives the queen bee (or the king bee Bastian :) and their helpers. The client want some good honey (good ideas), he wants only the best. He attracts the bees with some candy and sweets (money) and hopes that they will work harder and better. And after all work he gets his premium jovoto honey. Always a Best Seller. Guaranteed!

Why do you participate in jovoto’s crowdstorms?

I like the chance/challenge to convince big clients/brands with my idea/work And I need more money to pay my bills :)

How can we improve so that our crowdstorms serve you better?

You can always pay for my work :) Because I need more money to... you know ;)

Why should organizations and brands crowdstorm with jovotans?

Not only because they will save a lot of money... And not only because their lead agency wants the same amount of money for only 3 ideas... They should take the creatives seriously. They should see the profession of the creatives. And I wish for the future the clients will discover and find CREATIVES (I mean the person) here and not only ideas! For further cooperations. Jovoto should be a stepping stone for everyone here. We are not cheap labor - we are professionals with a profession!