Planet Jovoto
Welcome to planet Jovoto


Jovoto is defining a new era in the creative process. Everything starts from the grass (=the brief, the client's needs). The creatives dance together, they interact and enjoy the moment; the creative flow rises more and more and it storms. A new planet lightened by the sun: new ideas have taken shape.

Why do you participate in jovoto’s crowdstorms?

To challenge my creativity on real projects while being part of a community

How can we improve so that our crowdstorms serve you better?

...still too "young" to answer...... ヅ

Why should organizations and brands crowdstorm with jovotans?

⍤ To see how creatives from different parts of the planet and different background interpret their needs....the outcome could be so far away from their expectations and still exactly the right one! ⍤ They can see what ideas are the most seen and most voted, and so they can do marketing research on people's preferences....for free...this is an added value brought by the crowstorming process.