Birdstorming :)
Jovotans=storks, creative ideas= baby bulbs , Platform Jovoto=school, client house= after graduation


Jovotans submitting their ideas are like storks leaving their babies (represented by the light bulbs). Every idea is unique, with a long or a short string (the time of developing), ones are better than others. The Jovoto platform is like a special school taking over all the ideas. Jovoto Comunnity filters, polishes up and gives grades . Jovoto team is in charge with the management of the school and has the mission to choose the best ideas for redirecting to the client(the graduation ).

Why do you participate in jovoto’s crowdstorms?

it develops my creative side and i can express myself.

How can we improve so that our crowdstorms serve you better?

The rating period should start after the submission period is closed .

Why should organizations and brands crowdstorm with jovotans?

Because they will get a wide and creative perspective on their products and they will get qualitative work .

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